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Edited blog from Michel Van der Bel, MD, Microsoft UK

At this month’s Microsoft ‘Future Decoded’ event in London, Transformation was the word and the theme that typified the exhibitors, speakers and attendees. The event showcased how Microsoft customers are transforming their organisations to change their futures, and highlighted where Microsoft itself continued its own transformation with the announcements of plans to deliver cloud services from the UK during 2016.

astecSatya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, stated Microsoft’s three ambitions of making the most of the intelligent cloud, reinventing productivity and business process. Drawing on UK examples such as Kew Gardens, BioBeats and Just Giving, Satya painted a picture of how technology is helping these organisations and their people succeed in highly competitive environments. One of the most compelling examples he highlighted was Microsoft’s partnership with Guide Dogs – a true example of how technology can help everyone, blind and sighted, to achieve more in their daily lives.

The event also focused on real-world technologies fuelling business transformation. Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President kicked off the day talking about Connected Cows! He described how the cloud is aiding agriculture with transformative results in helping farmers track their cows’ fertile period. There were also presentations from Microsoft Research’s Project Oxford team, which announced new advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to allow computer scientists to create smarter apps that identify things like sound, words, images, facial expressions – and now emotions!

The event was closed, with a really big bang as the pre-eminent physicist and TV presenter Professor Brian Cox, and Microsoft Research’s Krysta Svore closed with a fascinating discussion on Quantum Computing. Krysta explained how Quantum computers of the future could dramatically accelerate years of lab work into hours, minutes and even seconds to help solve some of the many challenges facing our planet.

We are already witnessing the future, with retailers changing their shelf stock based on how customers are feeling, and restaurants changing menus in real time based on reactions to particular dishes. Our world is being reshaped at an increasing rate and I look forward to seeing what UK private and public sector firms, developers and entrepreneurs come up with next!

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