Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends Very Soon!

5 reasons to switch now!

Just in case this news snippet passed you by this year, Microsoft’s Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on 29th Jul. So, if you have not had the opportunity to check out what the latest – and best – version of Windows has to offer here are five reasons to upgrade:
• It’s Free – and you don’t get that something like this for free that often. Microsoft is offering this to all users running Windows7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but once the offer ends there will be an upgrade cost, which could be around £100 per device.
• You can change your mind! So if you upgrade to Windows 10 and decide that it isn’t for you, you have 30-days to roll back to your older version of Windows. However, having upgraded you will have secured your free Windows 10 license, you can upgrade at a later day for free.
• It works with all your MS devices – Windows 10 is a universal operating system, which means it works on all Windows-based devices – computers, tablets and phones. Upgrading to Windows 10 allows everything to sync and share notifications and apps across all your devices.
• Cortana – Microsoft’s intelligent, voice-activated virtual assistant really comes alive in Windows 10. Cortana is optimized for your desktop environment so can help you with numerous activities from launching apps to scheduling appointments, and you can use it to adjust various device setting.
• Amazing touchscreen capabilities, so if you have a touchscreen device, or are thinking about up grading to one, Windows 10 is truly touch-screen friendly, with the ability to amend and append comments to MS apps as well as web pages and many more.

Windows 10 Free Upgrades Ends Soon

Windows 10 Free Upgrades Ends Soon

So, Windows 10 offers desktop and mobile users equal benefits, so the smartphone and tablet fans can at last gain the full experience and increase their working efficiency. If you would like to discuss your upgrade to Windows 10 with one of our experts, please call Astec – 01424 460721

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