Who’s keeping IT up?

There are distinct stages in an organisation’s IT support requirement. We work with our clients to ensure they have technical and service support whenever they need it. Here’s our tongue in cheek reference guide to in-house IT support

Do any of these internal solutions sound familiar?
Tier 1 – ‘Safe Pair of Hands’- the role of computer and IT support is given to the youngest member of the team who spends most time, when not in work, on their tablet and games console. They have grown up with technology so they know their way around a PC and where the cables go. And if all else fails, there is always the reboot!

Tier 2 – ‘Mr. Reliable’ – older staff member, who is computer literate and has attended a number of IT courses and considers himself a bit of an expert. He was here when the IT system was installed and was on the periphery of the IT discussions. He instigates the system back ups and stores them in a filing cabinet in Accounts. He is a reliable, stoic member of the team and works late on the IT to help out. Obviously, he takes holidays and very rarely takes a day or two off sick, so let’s pray nothing goes wrong then.

Tier 3 – ‘Switched On’ – a full time IT support person, so you keep it in-house. Well, it saves money, doesn’t it? And they are always on hand. This person knows the system and has the ability and qualifications to keep the system purring and the network is their kingdom. They tend to work late to get to the desktops and implement changes to software and the server. They say that an apprentice would help, but that’s additional cost. Although they moan, they do a good job. However they can’t be away during the busy work periods, and days out on IT courses would leave the office vulnerable. New IT developments can be put off as there isn’t the time to research everything out there, and skill sets often don’t get updated.

Ad-hoc outsourcing – Possibly used with Tier 1 and Tier 2, these guys step in when the in-house support is on holiday or sick. They tend to cloud the air with techno-babble and getting hold of them is not as quick as you’d like. ‘Are they sure that the essential UPS is on its last legs’? ‘Surely we only bought it new a year ago’!



If any of these sound familiar, try Astec’s approach:
Initially there is the consultative session to determine what your business needs from its IT system. We listen, so that we understand where you are now and where you need to be. With that understanding in place, we develop your IT plan, that details how Astec will be there to support your growing business, providing pro-active contact led communications, and monitoring your systems to ensure your IT contributes to your business and you are not left with staff staring at blank screens. Sensibly priced ‘Service Level Agreements’ ensure that we are always available, with our highly skilled team of engineers and application specialists. So whether it’s over the phone, through the online support area or at your office we will be there to support your business.

To speak to someone concerning the benefits of a more tailored support service contact us on 08000 150 971

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