Top of the Form

We have been working with schools and colleges for a number of years and often find that the teachers and staff developing the curriculum are some of the most technology adventurous customers we support. This month we were one of the first south east Microsoft Solution Partners to hold two education technology events in partnership with Microsoft for thirty ICT staff, at the new Microsoft Customer Centre in Paddington, London.

Microsoft is a leader in technology in education and offers a host of applications and tools which allow lessons to become dynamic, hands-on and interactive. Windows 10 and Office365 combine to create the platform for a truly engaging learning experience, where students are interacting with the latest technology that is driving the world of work. With discussions, demonstrations and hands-on sessions the attendees were able to get to grips with Office 365 tools and features including OneNote Classroom, Yammer and Office Mix.

Today, children are surrounded by technology, so within the modern classroom they have the opportunity to use the latest hardware and software tools to learn how to work collaboratively, sharing ideas and communicating effectively within their groups.

Tim Walker, business development manager at Astec commented, “The Microsoft Showcase Classroom is a great experience, it inspires teachers and offers a roadmap as to how they can use technology to design and deliver engaging lessons that drive attainment higher, and help students develop the skills they require for the future.”

MS Classroom

Microsoft Showcase Classroom in action

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