Springboard to CRM Success

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential part of building your business, but it can seem repetitive and unproductive and get pushed quietly aside. We understand the challenges of selecting the right CRM system, especially for SMEs and so, we are partnering with specialist Microsoft CRM developer Cloud 20.20 to supply Springboard a specifically designed SME CRM solution.

CRM should be a cornerstone of your business, collecting up to the minute information on your sales pipeline, current customer interactions and suppliers. This data provides the intelligence for smart management decisions to be taken, trends to be analysed and sales predictions made on knowledge rather than guesswork.

Springboard to Success

Springboard to Success

Springboard is a pre-packaged CRM built on the powerful and flexible foundation of MS Dynamics CRM and provides a host of intuitive tools designed to give your sales a live view of all parts of the pipeline. With user-friendly dashboards, the system will support the development of opportunities through a number of business-driven steps guiding you to completed orders. Springboard has been designed to help streamline sales and customer service processes, increase efficiency and promote sales.

Phil Astell, managing director at Astec stated, “Springboard is an amazing CRM, it is quick and simple to deploy, and delivers customer and prospect information in user friendly dashboards, eliminating the screen juggling that is often associated with CRM systems. Your data is highly secure and the systems grows with your needs.”

With Microsoft at its core, integration into most existing customer environments is simple and by combining Office 365 with Springboard, you can really empower your team and help them achieve their goals by integrating with existing software. Outlook simply connects with Springboard and allows users to add contacts, leads and opportunities directly from email, streamlining the data building process.

Springboard has been designed to be simple to scale with your needs no matter what your activity. Adding new users is easy and additional capabilities such as project management, automated marketing or human resources can be added at any time.

Many companies have tried CRMs, which didn’t achieve the results expected. Springboard provides the templates to make migrating data from previous databases a straightforward process. There are also built-in tools that will help with data cleansing, which we know is a hot potato at the moment.

Simple Pricing
Springboard offers an easy to understand three-step pricing structure, providing a cost-effective route to a rapid return on investment (ROI). For more information contact one of our team on 01424 460721

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