Off the shelf or built to your requirements

There are endless applications for SenseTable but to really get the most out of it you’ll want dedicated software to match your needs – it just makes life easy and creates exciting opportunities.

It needn’t cost the earth and in every case is likely to create revenue or save money. If you can think it, we can build it.
How will you change your industry?

Suggested Applications

  • Retail – product review, comparison, configuration
  • Education – interactive learning, tutorial videos, solo or collaborative uses
  • Architecture – exploded drawing viewing, reference maps, project videos and gallery
  • Restaurant – digital menu, ordering functions, personalised ambiance
  • Fashion boutique – outfit builder, product review, visualising accessories
  • Automotive – vehicle configuration, product demonstration videos and gallery, product comparison
  • Local Authority – maps showing points of interest, public services, directions, tourist information
  • Golf courses – venue map and facilities, video of each hole, tutorial video, data capture
  • Events – event map, information, data capture
  • Transport – ticketing, passenger check in, timetabling
  • Construction – site management, planning, reporting
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