Structured Cabling and Wireless

    You Wouldn’t Build Your House on Foundations of Sand, So Why Build Your Business Network on the Technology Equivalent?

    “You provide service with a capital ‘S’. Your response is very quick, the staff always know exactly what they’re doing and are cheerful and helpful. You have a great team and it does always feel like you’re working with a team not just an individual. I couldn’t fault your service if I tried.”
    Steve Mann, Director, WBM Insurance
    Loose cables run across the floor, cables nailed around doorframes, spaghetti nests behind the desks – sound familiar? Data cabling is probably the most overlooked aspect of business IT systems, yet one of the most important. What most people don’t realise is that poor cabling systems can often be the cause of reliability and performance problems on the network. The cables that connect your computers, servers, printers and other devices together and to the outside world really are the foundations of your computer network.

    Good cabling is not only critical to reliability and good performance, but a well designed and installed system will always pay dividends in the long run. Designed with flexibility in mind, our cabling systems provide the ability to ‘re-patch ‘ as your needs change, allowing staff to move locations with minimum of fuss and disruption. Data points can be turned into phone points in seconds (and vice versa) and unused points ‘made live’ just as quickly. And with Health & Safety a huge issue in any working environment, good cable management not only looks professional but is essential to avoid dangerous and potentially expensive accidents.

    We use our expertise and experience to create a network that supports your current and future needs from initial consultancy and design, to installation and maintenance of complex data and voice networks. We are able to provide from a single point to flood wired installations of thousands of points. Our installations also carry a 15 YEAR warranty (details available on request).

    • System Design and Consultancy

    • Cat 5e, 6, 6a, 7

    • Fibre Optic

    • Wireless LANs

    • Switching & Routing

    • Racks & Cabinets

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