Online Backup

Astec’s Online Backup for Windows provides complete protection for your important data and files

• Upload incremental changes to minimize your bandwidth usage 

• Easy and fast data recovery

• Add additional storage at anytime

• Integrated virus checker available

• Unlimited clients can be utilised to backup multiple devices to the same storage area

Astec Online Backup is designed to give businesses a simple, secure, fast and reliable backup service.  By purchasing a quantity of backup storage from us you will receive access to dedicated storage space within UK based co-located data centres. Configuration is straightforward and quick should you wish to personally manage which files you wish to protect.  Should the worst happen, restoration of files to the original or another authorised client can be done by selecting your files from a web browser.

Secure, fast & reliable uploads


 • Eliminate the cost of traditional tape backups and automate the backup of your important data. All data is encrypted prior to transmission and is stored in an encrypted state within our data centres – ensuring the highest levels of security.

• Utilising specially-designed software to analyse files marked for backup, only incremental changes are uploaded – significantly reducing storage space while lowering bandwidth usage costs and time.

Online Backup Features

Easy to get started


• Astec can configure the backup system for you and your protection begins as soon as your first upload is complete. Should you have a large amount of data to transfer, we will copy your encrypted data to hard drives for an initial direct transfer to our system.

Schedule automatic backups


• No need to remember to manually run backups or remember to change tapes, Astec schedule automatic backups for your data and can also set multiple schedules for individual files and folders.

Restore individual files


• If a single file has become corrupted or lost, we can choose to simply restore the missing file, and not have to download all your data.

Full server backup


• Full disk imaging options allow us to restore your entire system including applications and files or to an historical version, even in the event of total computer/server loss.

Restore from another computer


• Should the worst happen, and you can no longer access your original server or computer, we can simply download and restore to a new machine, getting your data back to you quickly.

Fast & efficient backups


• Capture document changes and new files automatically with bit-level incremental backups, resulting in significantly smaller uploads, saving time and money on your bandwidth usage.

Choose up to 1TB of space


• Designed to ensure enough space for all your important data and files, you can start small and increase capacity if and when you require it.

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