Mobile & Remote Working

When You Leave the Office, Do You Leave Your Customers Behind?

We will give you the tools to keep in touch wherever you go. Whether you simply want email on the move or the complete freedom to work anywhere you choose.

“In a business world where mediocre customer service and indifferent attitude has become par for the course, it makes a refreshing change to deal with an organised, friendly and totally customer focussed company that actually deliver on their promises, on time, as agreed.”
Stuart Small, Managing Director, Stevens Rowsell & Co Ltd

For most people in business today, the ability to stay in touch with customers, suppliers and colleagues and work seamlessly around the world has become ever more appealing and for some, essential to remain competitive and drive down costs. Mobile technology has improved dramatically in recent times to make this ever more effective but with a bewildering array of devices, connection options and backend systems, it’s difficult for most people to know which way to turn.

Astec have been delivering mobile and remote working solutions for a number of years now. We really understand the market and most importantly, what works (and what doesn’t!). In fact, we are a big user of mobile technology in our own business which means we understand the need to get it right!

As the world of mobile tariffs and operators is a constantly shifting minefield, we also work with our specialist mobile partner DWD Mobiles. We believe in sticking to what we are good at, so DWD fulfil the role of sourcing and arranging the best possible mobile voice and data deals for our customers while we get on with the job of designing you the right technology solution.

We provide solutions including mobile phone, smart phone and Blackberry connections to your network, roaming laptop connections for email, business applications and remote desktop sessions, and complete home working solutions.

To find out more, give us a call on FREEPHONE 0800 0150 971 and we can arrange a time to come and see you for an initial discussion.