Don’t Make Costly Wrong Decisions About Your IT Investments, Planning and Strategy by Taking the DIY Approach

    Use our IT and business knowledge and experience to help you plan a project or develop and manage an IT strategy for your business

    “You provide service with a capital ‘S’. Your response is very quick, the staff always know exactly what they’re doing and are cheerful and helpful. You have a great team and it does always feel like you’re working with a team not just an individual. I couldn’t fault your service if I tried.”
    Steve Mann, Director, WBM Insurance

    We have a huge depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in both technology and business. You can use this knowledge and experience to help drive your business forward and avoid costly mistakes which businesses make time and time again. All too often IT projects and plans fail because they are flawed from the outset either through a lack of understanding of technology or business drivers (or both). Critically our knowledge straddles both technology and business and firmly ties the two together.

    Consulting services can take many forms from informal advice and input to something more structured and formal; maybe you are considering an investment in IT and need an initial system specification, maybe you need advice on direction and strategy to ensure that IT underpins your business goals. We can even provide you with board level input as ‘Shadow’ IT director, as a regular and on-going arrangement or for one-off projects and events.

    However you choose to use our consulting services, you can be sure that a small amount of investment in our knowledge at the right time, will translate into big savings and returns for your business.

    To find out more, give us a call on 01424 460721 and we can arrange a time to come and see you for an initial discussion.