Property Sense

TABLE-1-300x212Property Sense provides a satellite map view of an area overlaid with pushpins representing the estate agents stock of properties. These properties can be filtered by property type, price range and number of bedrooms along with key word searching. Using the exceptional touch sense interface, users can further interrogate properties, displaying property details, EPC reports, floor plans, photos and videos, all of which can be dragged from the property card and pushed around the table and scaled as required. Property details can be printed, emailed or saved to a shopping basket for later comparison or again save, print or email to the customer.

So Why Are Estate Agents Using It?

Win More Instructions

Creating a difference between you and your competition in the busy estate agency world is often difficult to achieve. Property Sense offers a real ‘Wow’ factor for your prospective vendors and provides a real differentiation from your competition. Property Sense will convert prospects to vendors and win you more instructions over your competition.

Command Higher Fees

Property Sense enhances the value of your service. It demonstrates your commitment to going the extra step to market and sell your vendor’s property in a unique and innovative way and sets you apart from the crowd, helping your agency to command higher than average fees.

Engage prospects in animated conversation

We all know how intimidating it can be as a customer to enter a sales environment. As a potential client you expect to be ushered to a desk, asked a few questions and to leave the office within five minutes, just the same as all the other agents you’ve been to see.

PropertySense creates an ice-breaker, a talking point and encourages your prospective clients to open up to you. You’ll form a lasting and meaningful bond whilst extracting valuable personal information and requirements helping you to respond effectively – and guess who they will remember when they get home…

How Does It Work Then?

Property Sense is a truly unique and innovative interactive property table based on cutting edge but simple to use display technology. It works by allowing users to choose property from your database by map location followed by other simple filtering using objects placed on the property table or on screen filters. The table is designed to respond to touch inputs to zoom and pan the map and to explore properties using techniques familiar to anyone who has used a tablet PC or a Smartphone.

Full property details can be displayed on screen and shared around the table in a completely new way. Even property videos can be played, scaled, moved and shared between users in real time. Details can be printed or emailed directly from the table, instantly scanned to the user’s phone or added to a shopping basket for later comparing and browsing. The basket can then be saved for later retrieval or the contents again, emailed, scanned or printed.