Newsletter April 2011

Welcome to our new addition
The Apprentice
We’re delighted to introduce you to the newest member of the team at Astec. James Copper joins as part of the ‘Britain Works’ apprenticeship scheme. Read more

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Google forced to toe the line on privacy
After breaching its own laws on privacy, it has been reported that Google will now face regular audits for the next 20 years following a unique court ruling. The verdict just goes to show that even the largest organisations must tread carefully in their handling of sensitive consumer data. Read more
Hackers excel in RSA cyber attack
Exploiting a security hole in Adobe’s Flash Player, hackers have managed to execute an attack on a number of organisations using Microsoft Excel documents, with the most notable victim, RSA Security, makers of two-factor security devices, SecurID. Read more
iPhone smarting from Android phone hit
Since its launch in 2007, iPhone has been seen as the smartphone of choice, with thousands queuing to get their hands on each new release as soon as it hits the shops. But latest figures show that iPhone has lost the top spot with Android, Google’s OS, reportedly taking over as the market leader. Read more
Top 3 Word 2010 time savers
The latest offering from Word contains some excellent features which you may already be finding handy. But there are some you may not yet be aware of which could make creating documents a lot easier for you. Here are our top 3 Word 2010 time savers. Read more
The true value of training
When was the last time you carried out a Training Needs Analysis on your staff? We look the true cost to your business of failing to train your workforce. Read more

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