Tim Walker Joins Astec and strengthens Business Development

Tim Walker joins us from one of the South East’s largest independent systems houses, to spearhead Astec’s business development activities. Tim brings with him many years’ experience of building positive relationships with customers and helping build successful growth strategies for a variety of regional technology suppliers. He returns to … [Read more...]

New Reporting Portal in Office 365 admin centre.

Rolling out this month (April 2016) is a new reporting portal in Office 365, which will allow you to understand how your users are working with all aspects of Office applications. It provides admin level users the ability to monitor the service, identify issues, plan support and training and to create reports for management. Office 365 has been … [Read more...]

Astec Achieve Highly Prized Surface Reseller Status

Microsoft is notoriously demanding in its choice of authorised resellers for its premium products, and the family of performance based Surface mobile devices is one of its most prized of new product launches. Astec’s relationship with Microsoft and expertise in its products and services ensured our position as one of a select number of … [Read more...]

Azure and SME – Growing Business Everywhere

Is it a colour, or a stretch of pure sandy beach? Fortunately, it’s neither. Microsoft’s Azure has been created to provide a simple to use, highly scalable SME technology services platform. Over the past couple of years Office 365 has demonstrated that small and medium businesses have become more innovative with their IT. SMEs understand that … [Read more...]

Springboard to CRM Success

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential part of building your business, but it can seem repetitive and unproductive and get pushed quietly aside. We understand the challenges of selecting the right CRM system, especially for SMEs and so, we are partnering with specialist Microsoft CRM developer Cloud 20.20 to supply Springboard a … [Read more...]

Mobilise Your Business

Mobilise Your Business with the Stunning Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. It has at times felt that technology was never going to get mobile right as a business tool. The network coverage was patchy, download speeds couldn't cope and the hardware was half-baked. Thankfully, the latest products and services offered by suppliers coupled with … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Name Mislead You!

Enterprise Mobility Suite is an incredibly useful package of identity, security and mobile device management tools for your mobility apps, which really do improve employee productivity. But despite the name, this is a product that works for businesses of all sizes. If you own a business of any size, then you will be familiar with your employees … [Read more...]

Zen & the Art of Customer Satisfaction

Our team of technical experts are on a continuous journey of learning and like Zen practitioners are dedicated to becoming one with our customers’ technology solutions. However, that doesn’t mean that they are detached from modern life. In fact, being grounded in a business environment ensures our Microsoft trained and qualified Technical Services … [Read more...]

Small Business Timid In Adoption of Windows 10

Microsoft has another hit on its hands with Windows 10. Seven months after its release, more than 200 million devices run the operating system (OS). Personal users aren't the only people jumping on Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer, either, IT professionals are also promoting the benefits of the latest upgrade to employers and … [Read more...]

Windows 10: Small Business in the Mobile Era

Windows may truly be the route for small businesses into the mobile era Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small agile companies are already alive to the productivity-enhancing effects of mobile applications on workers’ tablets and smartphones. However, those experiences are generally detached from the desktop, where workers go for number crunching and … [Read more...]