Astec Continues to beat IT Support Industry Benchmarks

We have again outstripped the UK IT Service Support benchmarks* during the first quarter of 2015.  The data compiled through Autotask, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of process automation systems, is used by thousands of IT companies’ customers across the UK. The surveys which are automatically sent to customers immediately after a service … [Read more...]

Cyber criminals increasingly targeting cloud services

More people than ever are now storing documents in the cloud, so cyber criminals are now targeting these services to nab people’s credentials, according to security specialists Proofpoint. The most common email-related threat Proofpoint detects are phishing scams to steal information from Google Apps, which are particularly vulnerable to this … [Read more...]

New Surface 3 the thinnest and lightest yet

The recently announced Surface 3 from Microsoft will be the thinnest and lightest iteration yet, the manufacturer has said. Similar to the Surface Pro 3, the new model is crafted from the very same premium materials and offers a similar look. The only real difference is its size – the Surface 3 being not only more efficient but also more … [Read more...]

Microsoft Word: Three features you didn’t know existed

Of all the different Microsoft Office applications, Word is perhaps the most commonly used. It has an extremely rich feature set; one that allows you to achieve all kinds of things with your text and imagery. To realise its true potential, though, you’ll need to delve a little deeper than the Font and Paragraph sections. Below are a few of the … [Read more...]

Astec Our Challenge is Constant – ‘Best of Class Service Delivery’

At Astec, we continue to challenge ourselves to provide the highest levels of consultancy and service to our customers, see the IT Support Industry Benchmark story.  This ensures we continue to up our game and better the industry’s benchmarks for service delivery. To do this, we are expanding our technical team, with opportunities within our … [Read more...]

Exhibition organiser expands with IT infrastructure plan

Growth is what we all strive for. So when a client has outgrown its premises and technology, then it needs a managed relocation and development plan that ensures a smooth transition. Diversified Communications is a rapidly growing trade exhibition organiser and magazine publisher, which offers a range of associated services to its target … [Read more...]

Who’s keeping IT up?

There are distinct stages in an organisation’s IT support requirement. We work with our clients to ensure they have technical and service support whenever they need it. Here’s our tongue in cheek reference guide to in-house IT support Do any of these internal solutions sound familiar? Tier 1 – ‘Safe Pair of Hands’- the role of computer and IT … [Read more...]

Back Pack Creates Beetle Drone

And you thought that camera drones were impressive? Researchers have created a miniature back pack that fits on to a beetle and controls its flight. Using a remote control researchers can electrically stimulate tiny muscles below its wings, creating a living mini-copter that they can steer with amazing precision. To show how the muscle … [Read more...]

Top Google search phrases of 2014

The World Cup, Ebola and iPhone 6 were some of the most searched-for topics of 2014, according to Google. The tech giant has revealed the biggest trends and news stories that UK users typed into its search engine over the course of 2014. Hot topics included the questions “Who is Banksy?”, “What is ALS?” and “How to crochet”. It seems the UK was … [Read more...]

Success for Our Apprentices James’ work Rewarded – Newsletter July 2012

James Copper, who came to Astec last year as part of our apprenticeship scheme, has had his hard work recognised after being shortlisted for Microsoft's highly contested award of Apprentice of the Year Follow the link below to read more … [Read more...]