Back Pack Creates Beetle Drone

And you thought that camera drones were impressive? Researchers have created a miniature back pack that fits on to a beetle and controls its flight. Using a remote control researchers can electrically stimulate tiny muscles below its wings, creating a living mini-copter that they can steer with amazing precision. To show how the muscle … [Read more...]

Top Google search phrases of 2014

The World Cup, Ebola and iPhone 6 were some of the most searched-for topics of 2014, according to Google. The tech giant has revealed the biggest trends and news stories that UK users typed into its search engine over the course of 2014. Hot topics included the questions “Who is Banksy?”, “What is ALS?” and “How to crochet”. It seems the UK was … [Read more...]

Success for Our Apprentices James’ work Rewarded – Newsletter July 2012

James Copper, who came to Astec last year as part of our apprenticeship scheme, has had his hard work recognised after being shortlisted for Microsoft's highly contested award of Apprentice of the Year Follow the link below to read more … [Read more...]

Microsoft Apprentice of the Year Awards 2012

Over a year has passed since we took on our Microsoft backed engineer apprentice, James. In that time James has gained many skills working with our staff, doing distance learning and studying for the relevant Microsoft qualifications he has attained during the year. We are pleased to announce that James has also been nominated for the Microsoft … [Read more...]

Apathy in the UK – Newsletter August 2011

Lazy days of summer Apathy in the UK During these lazy days of summer, is it pure idleness that prevents so many of us using recommended complex password policies or is it simply the human condition? WE'RE ON TWITTER... Just to let everyone know, you can now follow Astec on Twitter. Please sign up … [Read more...]

The State Of UK Broadband

Ofcom have released their 'Communications Infrastructure Report 2011: Fixed Broadband Data'. The data contained in the report is quite revealing and gives some interesting data on uptake, speeds and geographical constraints. You can download the report and read it in full from here: ofcom uk broadband speed report-2011 … [Read more...]

Making your life Easier on a Windows 7 PC

Most of us use a computer every day for various tasks, whether it be for work, social, gaming or grocery needs. You can do a lot of things on a computer now days. But not everyone knows how to make tasks slightly easier for themselves, especially in the user friendly Windows 7. What are the most common programs we use on a computer? I’m guessing … [Read more...]

Newsletter April 2011

Welcome to our new addition The Apprentice We're delighted to introduce you to the newest member of the team at Astec. James Copper joins as part of the 'Britain Works' apprenticeship scheme. Read more WE'RE ON TWITTER... Just to let everyone know, you can now follow Astec on Twitter. Please sign up … [Read more...]

POMPEY TO POMPEII – Raising funds for GSD

POMPEY TO POMPEII Raising funds for GSD What is Phil Astell peddling now, you ask? He's hijacked the lead story in this month's newsletter to tell of an amazing challenge for a very worthwhile cause. Read more WE'RE ON TWITTER... Just to everyone know, you can now follow Astec on Twitter. Please … [Read more...]

Press Release – Astec expands with Microsoft backed talent

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local IT company expands with Microsoft backed talent. Local IT company, Astec Computing, has expanded their support team with the introduction of a new apprentice position. Eighteen year old James Copper joins the company as part of Microsoft’s ‘Britain Works’ scheme for Microsoft Partners. The scheme was launched … [Read more...]