Youth Drive Astec Forward – Astec Expands Apprenticeship Scheme

We have expanded our apprenticeship programme with the appointment of three technical apprentices, to work within technical support and digital marketing. Phil Astell, managing director, Astec Computing stated, “We believe that the apprentice programme is a highly effective path for motivated young people to get into the IT … [Read more...]

Top 5 Myths about Office 365 Dispelled

Most companies would like to benefit from the business agility and cost savings that result from a move to the cloud. But with the bewildering amount of contradictory information floating around on the Internet, there is always room for confusion. Take Microsoft Office 365, for example. Many businesses are looking to embrace this software … [Read more...]

BYOC an unlimited storage ‘free-for-all’?

Sharing platforms could soon offer unlimited storage at no extra cost, in a move being dubbed a Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) free-for-all. The likes of Dropbox and Google Drive have long come with storage limits, often using a ‘freemium’ model to allow users the chance to scale up to a size that best suits their needs for an additional cost. All … [Read more...]

Microsoft reassures users concerning Windows 10 privacy myths

Microsoft has clarified its position on privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10, in a bid to quell rumours about the monitoring and harvesting of user data. The information comes in the form of a blog post, which acknowledges that privacy is an “incredibly important topic” in today’s connected world. It goes on to proclaim that Windows is, by … [Read more...]

Selfies to replace passwords in 2016

Forecasters have long been predicting the demise of the humble password but now a new contender has emerged as a potential successor – the selfie. MasterCard has been looking at ways of making online payments quicker and more secure, whilst also trying to do away with the effort of remembering old passwords. It settled on biometric … [Read more...]

New computer ‘guaranteed’ to not lose data

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have unveiled a computer that is “mathematically guaranteed” not to lose data in a crash. Whilst many media sources have been quick to proclaim the computer as being “unable to crash”, this isn’t strictly the case. Instead, it’s unlikely to crash, but in the case that it does, no … [Read more...]

Assume everything you do and say will be made public

In a prophetic blog post published on IT news site, The Verve, internet users have been encouraged to come to terms with the fact that, sooner or later, every piece of data they share online will be made public. Despite the semi-comedic tone of this article, the author actually makes a serious point that, faced with a spiralling number of … [Read more...]

Facebook: one billion people log on – but on whose time?

Facebook continues to dominate its competition and, for the first time, one billion people were recorded using the social networking site during a single day in August 2015. Upon declaring this historic milestone, Mark Zuckerberg stated that one in seven people around the world now use Facebook, adding that “it’s just the beginning of connecting … [Read more...]

Hints and Tips: Save time in Outlook with Quick Parts

Users of Outlook frequently find themselves using the same standard text in a range of situations, such as drafting sales proposals, following up on client meetings and chasing in payments. But did you know you can avoid typing out these same paragraphs time after time with the Quick Parts feature, which allows snippets of both text and images to … [Read more...]

Microsoft patent sends shockwaves through the world of fashion

The convergence of fashion and technology appears to be gathering pace, with Microsoft suggesting smartphone users could one day be alerted to the arrival of new messages through tiny electric shocks in their clothing. This new concept in wearable technology came to light when the Redmond computing giant announced it had patented a means of … [Read more...]