Data Recovery Five Considerations – Just in Case

We recently helped a large client during a major data recovery (DR) project, pull all its essential systems back together after a serious fire disrupted the organisations day-to-day operation. Once again, this demonstrated to us why this capability is essential, considering the reliance that most organisations have on their IT platforms. A … [Read more...]

How do hackers steal passwords?

Passwords are a habitual security bugbear, too many people use easy to crack passwords because they are unaware of just how hackers manage to get into their accounts, it has been claimed. The usual image of a hacker entering countless variations into a user account before they magically stumble upon the right one, is a common misrepresentation … [Read more...]

Can Windows 10’s New Browser give Microsoft the Edge in Web Search?

Amid some controversy, Microsoft is to include its latest browser ‘Edge’ within the Windows 10 package, and at least one leading browser company has announced its frustration at this decision. However, in an environment where around 64% of the internet search market is controlled by a single dominant company, isn’t it about time a competitive … [Read more...]

Obama Orders World’s Fastest Computer

Who says it isn’t about boys toys? President Barack Obama has issued an executive order for US computer scientists to build the fastest computer in the world by 2025. However, the US will continue to face stiff competition from China, which currently leads the way. The National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) is “designed to advance core … [Read more...]

Slow Me Down – Speed me Up

An often asked question to our helpdesk and engineers is: Why is my desktop so slow? There are many reasons why computers’ processing speed declines over time and below we offer a few quick tips to help you alleviate some of the causes.  For the most severe problems, it may well be time to upgrade your PC or even the office platform, however, in … [Read more...]

How to avoid your hardware overheating in soaring temperatures

July has certainly got off to a hot start and weather forecasters are predicting more soaring temperatures for the weeks ahead. So spare a thought for your computer systems, which are liable to overheat if certain basic precautions are not taken. Open doors or windows and increase ventilation using desk fans and mobile air conditioning units … [Read more...]

Security improvements lead the way in iOS 9

Our appetite for IT innovation is seemingly insatiable and this is particularly true of smart phone technology. Just days after the rollout of iOS 8.4 at the end of June 2015, attention turned to the new features and specifications of Apple’s next big release: iOS 9. Expected to be unveiled later this year (to coincide with the new iPhones, … [Read more...]

Why do smartphones slow down in the warm weather?

Smartphones slow down in hot weather because the processors that power them have been designed to do so. These processors are heat-sensitive, so will reduce power usage when it’s warm to stop themselves from overheating. Essentially, the slowing down of processes means the phone runs slower, but that’s to prevent them overheating – which could … [Read more...]

Hacks cost UK businesses £1.46 million

Security breaches can cost a business much more than its reputation, according to a new study, and the number of businesses affected by cyber-attacks is on the rise. According to a government-commissioned report from consultancy firm PwC, British companies could see security breaches leave them out of pocket to the tune of almost £1.5 … [Read more...]

Roaming charges to be abolished within the EU by 2017

Data roaming charges within the EU look set to become a thing of the past by June 2017, thanks to a new ruling by the European Commission. The ruling stipulates that all data charges should be abolished over the next two years, so mobile users can call or text when abroad as they would at home, without fear of grossly inflated … [Read more...]