Expert Coaches for Rio or the Office

With the Rio Olympics racing towards us, Team GB has been set a high bar of 48 medals to demonstrate success. This would make Rio our most successful oversees Olympics. Business and sport hold many parallels, we build strong, effective teams which consist of experts and set them goals to achieve. For the most part, we all perform on a level … [Read more...]

Your Time Is Up! CryptoLocker Ransomware

These are not your friendly neighbourhood hackers! To these thieves, this is a business. An increasing number of UK organisations are being targeted and money extorted from them. The model uses social engineering techniques to trick users into running a Zip folder or file, which then contaminates the system and any other system attached to the … [Read more...]

Top of the Form

We have been working with schools and colleges for a number of years and often find that the teachers and staff developing the curriculum are some of the most technology adventurous customers we support. This month we were one of the first south east Microsoft Solution Partners to hold two education technology events in partnership with Microsoft … [Read more...]

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends Very Soon!

5 reasons to switch now! Just in case this news snippet passed you by this year, Microsoft’s Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on 29th Jul. So, if you have not had the opportunity to check out what the latest – and best – version of Windows has to offer here are five reasons to upgrade: • It’s Free – and you don’t get that something like … [Read more...]

I Love Technology

End users continue to demand simplicity in their interface with devices, and it is our support teams’ role to ensure that our customers maintain their love affair with their technology. We do that by demanding the highest levels of technical support. Our staff are on a continual life long quest to offer the most effective levels of consultancy … [Read more...]

Ransomware a growing data threat

A Canadian university has paid hackers to restore access to data they had turned into the digital equivalent of gibberish. The University of Calgary transferred 20,000 Canadian dollars-worth of bitcoins ($15,780; £10,840) after it was unable to unwind damage caused by a type of attack known as ransomware. The malware caused emails and … [Read more...]

Keep in Touch and Retain Control – Office 365

The enormous gains that the launch of Office 365 has provided for all businesses that have upgraded to the latest Microsoft release, are clearly evident. Your business is now able to accelerate the implementation of the latest fixed and mobile apps to increase effectiveness and build customer awareness and generate new opportunities. Over … [Read more...]

Surface Bundles of Joy

We have been working hard with Microsoft to bring you offers for one of the most anticipated and highly rated mobile technology platforms to hit the market. The Surface family of high performance laptops and tablet systems offer everything you need to enhance your mobile work experience, helping to keep your staff fully connected. Microsoft Surface … [Read more...]

Support Stars Glide Through Milestone Qualification

Two of our Technical Apprentices were rewarded for their dedication to networking theory and practice when they received their Microsoft Technical Associate Networking Fundamentals certificates in May. After six-months of study, with guidance from a Microsoft assessor, as well as hands on practical involvement from senior Astec support staff, … [Read more...]

Astec Outstrips IT Support Industry Benchmarks

Delivering excellent customer service is a continuous process and we find that the harder our teams work at providing great support services, the more positively our customers respond. The latest UK-wide IT Service Support Benchmarks, compiled by Autotask, illustrate that Astec continues to outperform the industry average. Autotask is one of … [Read more...]