New Reporting Portal in Office 365 admin centre.

Rolling out this month (April 2016) is a new reporting portal in Office 365, which will allow you to understand how your users are working with all aspects of Office applications. It provides admin level users the ability to monitor the service, identify issues, plan support and training and to create reports for management.

Office 365 has been evolving at a rapid pace, making more features and functionality available to users and admins on an almost daily basis. Customers have been at the heart of the development and Microsoft has incorporated user feedback to ensure the system mirrors your needs. This new reporting portal includes an activity dashboard and a variety of new reports that provide consistent insights across all Office 365 services with an improved user experience.

Dashboards are Essential to BI

Dashboards are Essential to BI

Activity dashboard—provides visibility into Office 365 usage
The centerpiece of the new reporting is a cross-service portal that gives you more visibility into your organization’s use of Office 365, making it easy for you to make decisions or report back to your management. Graphs help you visualise key data quickly and efficiently by showing frequent tasks directly on the dashboard and you can also set-up various reporting periods to identify trends.
The reporting portal gives you a quick way to establish that you are getting value out of your Office 365 subscription by illustrating usage information for your Office 365 users as well as for each specific workload.

Gain insights on how individual users consume the service
The new reports give you the ability to drill down on single services and access detailed information at the individual user level. To enhance productivity and usage of Office 365 among users and to effectively plan training and communications around this, you need to understand exactly what’s happening within each service and how individual end users in your organization are consuming or not consuming the service. Simply click the specific tile on the portal to get to the more detailed information. From there, you can also export the entire report into CSV format and open it in Excel to quickly filter the data for further analysis.
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