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Mobilise Your Business with the Stunning Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. It has at times felt that technology was never going to get mobile right as a business tool. The network coverage was patchy, download speeds couldn’t cope and the hardware was half-baked. Thankfully, the latest products and services offered by suppliers coupled with upgraded backbone technology have created opportunities for many businesses to become truly agile, linking companies, customers and services faster and offering capabilities that can transform how we do business.

Mobiles, laptops and tablets have seen a step change in their capabilities in recent years and Microsoft has now delivered game changing new technology with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Microsoft now offers a complete business ecosystem including hardware, software and cloud solutions that combine to help drive business effectiveness forward and deliver truly agile working. Combine these new hardware platforms with the latest developments to the amazing Office 365 coupled with Windows 10 operating system and Azure cloud services and you have an incredible mobile working solution of the likes never seen before.

With the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book family of tablets and laptops, there is a power-users’ buddy, that trounces the competition in so many ways. Its versatility as something that straddles both categories is clearly striking a chord with its users.


Microsoft is leading in the versatility category. Each iteration of the Surface range delivers another glimpse of Microsoft’s vision for PCs. A versatile computer that adapts to the task, but doesn’t compromise on power. The Pro 4’s magnetically-attached keyboard offers a speedy and flawless quick ‘snap’ transforming your Surface from a typing tool into a touch-based tablet experience while the exquisitely engineered mechanical hinge and keyboard lock of the Surface Book allows use as either a full blooded desktop replacement or as a tablet. An IT Dream Team.

Why is this useful? Because of the Surface Pen, which adds another dimension of interaction with your computer. We’re entering a new dawn of stylus wars, with Microsoft and Apple standing on either side, pen in hand. Microsoft is laying down a serious challenge to other stylus makers, because the Surface Pen is excellent. It’s more sensitive than ever (it can register 1024 levels of pressure, which is four times as much as the previous Pen). There’s also the reimagined design, which has a flat side to mimic a pencil, an eraser that can be used as (wait for it) an eraser! And the fact that it magnetically attaches to the Surface is so simple.


The Pen’s main ‘draw’ (pun alert) is how it can be used to navigate around Windows 10. Smart ideas like annotating webpages, sketching (the tip is interchangeable for different types of nibs) and shortcuts via clicking the Pen’s buttons make it a delight to use. Microsoft has cleverly incorporated features that both make use of the Pen and work well with a tablet: namely drawing on webpages, signing documents and generally using the Pen like a mouse.

As for performance, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Books are powerhouses. Obviously it depends on the version you buy, but even the entry-level model comes with impressive specs – offering 6th generation Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM and is lightning fast. You can comfortably run programmes like Premiere Pro and Photoshop, and of course massive excel spreadsheets. Most models of the Surface Book include NVDIA GeForce graphics embedded in the keyboard. The fact that you’re getting a rapid desktop experience on a tablet and laptop is part of that Microsoft step change.


The displays themselves are a thing of beauty. The Surface Pro 4 comes with a stunning screen resolution upgrade to 2736 x 1824, with 267 pixels per inch and an incredible 3000 x 2000 also with 267 pixels per inch in the case of the Surface Book (now that’s a WOW!). That’s better than the main Apple competition in the iPad Pro (264ppi for 13-inch) and even the MacBook Air (128ppi). It’s also brighter than the last Surface and has better colour accuracy, which is good news for film watchers, designers, artists and businesses that require clear visuals in their work processes.

Windows 10 is tailor-made for the Surface family’s versatility. The operating system supports both tablet and desktop devices, of which the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are both. You can switch easily in and out of ‘tablet mode’ by tapping an icon in the action centre. There’s also smart features like quick access to Cortana via double clicking the eraser button on the Pen. Meanwhile, facial recognition unlocking (called Windows Hello), measures depth as well as an image so you don’t have to be directly in front of the camera for the Surface to recognise you.


Windows 10 makes these incredible devices more complete because the OS and hardware work in perfect harmony to provide the complete business users package, whether in the office or mobilising the workforce. A true piece of progressive technology to drive business productivity.

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