Marginal Gains Create Champions

We’ve seen it on the track and on the water, marginal gains have been a big concept in sport for a decade. Migrating that to your work space will save you time and helps you navigate your applications more effectively. Here we offer 15 short-cut key sets that save seconds and give you back time in your working day.
Alt+F4 = Quit Program

Marginal Gains

Marginal Gains

CTRL+C = Copy – Select a word, sentence, paragraph, click CTRL +C and then move the cursor to the desired location and CTRL + V to place.
CTRL+X = Cut – Select the target to cut highlight it and CRTL+X to cut it from the document
CTRL+V = Paste – As above, once you have something copied or cut and want to relocate it CTRL+V
CTRL+Z = Undo – If that change isn’t right CTRL+Z, returns it to the previous setting
CTRL + A = Copy All – Another shortcut for copying.
CTRL+Y = Redo or repeat an action
SHIFT+DELETE = Delete item permanently
ALT+TAB = Switch to the next window
ALT+SHIFT+TAB = Switch to the previous window
CTRL+F10 = Maximise or restore a selected window
ALT+F5 = Restore the size of the active window after you maximise it
CTRL+SPACEBAR = Remove paragraph or character formatting
CTRL+SHIFT+V = Paste formatting only
When in ‘Outlook’ -> CTRL+Enter = Send Email

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