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The enormous gains that the launch of Office 365 has provided for all businesses that have upgraded to the latest Microsoft release, are clearly evident. Your business is now able to accelerate the implementation of the latest fixed and mobile apps to increase effectiveness and build customer awareness and generate new opportunities.

Never Miss a Meeting

Never Miss a Meeting

Over the coming months in the newsletter, we will open the conversation regarding business essential applications available within Office 365. These new apps can truly enhance your business’ capabilities and bring you closer to your team, suppliers and your customers.

With Skype for Business the World is Open for Business

Are you aware of the possibilities that Skype for Business offers? It is a great communications tool integrated into the heart of Office 365. As such, it provides a simple platform for calling, conferencing, video and content sharing, allowing you to become more efficient and reduce various operating costs.

For years, technology suppliers have attempted to weld a conferencing system to various corporate IT applications with varying and often limited success. With Skype for Business you can connect with your team anywhere using mobile apps across Windows, IOS, Android, and Surface Hub (Hyperlink), for a truly open communications portal.

Reduce the need for everyone to be in the office for a meeting, or long journeys to suppliers or customers and work like you are all in the same room. Simple one touch dial in and up to 250 individual links to any meeting or conference. For smaller groups there is HD for a more natural friendly experience. For larger audiences, Skype for Business provides the capabilities to broadcast meetings and webinars across the Internet, to up to 10,000 attendees, so it really takes the participation up a notch. Attendees can link in via a browser on almost any device, allowing organisations to reach out to staff and customers.

Integration into Office 365 allows co-authoring and desktop sharing allowing presentations to run seamlessly as part of the conference. Projects can be moved forward during a meeting with content updates and agreed actions.

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