Newsletter – Jan 2011

The ‘back to work’ edition

Focus on 2011

We’re all back at work and staring down the barrel of 2011. But what will the New Year hold in store? An even greater emphasis on the web says our first article…

Businesses to focus on the Internet in 2011

More than ever before, small firms are focusing on their online presence to help secure new business. So how does the Internet feature in your overall marketing strategy for 2011? View the recommendations made by Reuters or call us for more advice on your own online needs. Read more

Most anticipated gadgets of 2011

Following the ‘top 10 Christmas gadgets’ article, which featured in our December newsletter, we felt the natural sequel would be ‘the most anticipated gadgets of the New Year’. Read the predictions made by Computer Weekly for the likely hits and misses of 2011. Read more

Reducing your intake of cookies

You may have read about ‘cookies’ and wondered why tiny files with such a sweet sounding name can receive such a bad press. Well, as with all things, they should be consumed in moderation. This article explains the function of cookies, why they can sometimes pose a threat and how to delete them when necessary. Read more

Arm extends its reach

Microsoft has announced it will be designing the next version of Windows around the British-based Arm processor as opposed to the type commonly supplied by Intel. Learn more about the reasons behind this decision in this ‘good news’ story for UK business. Read more

Mobile devices: 

Security challenge

The high volume of mobile computing devices connecting via WiFi and Bluetooth could pose the largest security threat to UK businesses in 2011. Read more

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