Newsletter – Feb 2011


Spring clean edition

Talk to Astec this Spring about simple ways to save time and boost productivity. The use of company templates is your starter for ten. See final story below.

Consumers urged to improve wireless network security

Sound advice has been issued from the Wi-Fi Alliance to consumers to protect their networks from the ever-present threat of having their internet access ‘borrowed’.  WPA2 encryption technology and stronger passwords are vital in safeguarding ourselves against this menace. Read more

Schools broadband to benefit sick pupils

As part of a multi-million pound project being rolled out across London, the days of school children having to miss out on valuable learning whilst off ill could be a thing of the past. Thanks to a high investment in broadband technology, they can catch up on their lessons from the comfort of their sick bed. Read more

EC proposes single business phone number

The European Commission has announced they are looking at introducing a new system for international telephone numbers that will mean businesses have just a single number. Read how their plans aim to eliminate the need for companies to have a separate number for every country they operate in. Read more

UK tops European security study

Recent statistics show the UK is leading the way against its European counterparts in safeguarding itself against cyber threats, with businesses to invest more to better protect their IT infrastructure. Find out how, through a raising of awareness, the UK is now leading the pack. Read more

How lean is your office?

Taking some time now to set up standard company document templates will help standardise future production – saving you time and money. Read more

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