Expanding Our Service Support Team

To ensure we continue to up our game and deliver best of class, managed IT support, we are expanding our service team with a further addition; Greg Hooper. Greg has recently joined Astec as one of the Help Desk Team and will embark on one the most comprehensive IT development courses available – Microsoft’s Technical Associate Scheme a 14-month apprenticeship which involves in-work mentoring and off site education to guarantee his understanding of our customers’ systems.

Apprentice at Astec

Greg Hooper Joins Astec – Microsoft Apprenticeship

We have a strong belief in the capabilities of young, intelligent and enthusiastic people to grasp the concepts of the latest technologies, and continuous training is a core principle at Astec. In this way, we ensure that all our consulting and support teams are fully aware of the latest customer opportunities and the most effective technologies to benefit their businesses.

Stephen Angeloni, technical director, Astec Computing commented, “The right staff and a positive working environment are essential to us to drive our business forward. Excellent technical knowledge is one of our key USPs, so we operate a continuous learning culture, because as we all know, in technology nothing stands still for long”.

Our service team prides itself on its response time and professionalism when dealing with customers. We understand that in today’s environment problematic or unreliable IT is not only frustrating, but can damage a customer’s reputation or affect productivity.

As we grow the team we will ensure that the same high standards of technical knowledge as well as speed and quality of response are maintained. Our team is here to ensure our customers utilise technology to benefit their organisations and help them succeed.

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