Easy Office 365 eBook

This new eBook is possibly the only guide you will ever need to all the amazing things you can now achieve using Office 365. For a thorough overview of the latest apps and productivity solutions your organisation needs, to tips and short-cuts to help you every day, this single slim volume has the answers.

Hints and tips

Office 365 eBook

There’s more to Office 356 than meets the eye. It is not simply a package of the amazing Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, it provides a platform of communication and collaborative tools, as well as storage options and compatibility with business intelligence programmes that you may already be using or are currently planning into your processes.

This real page turner will provide the answers to so many of your questions across the six key areas of mobility, collaboration, communications, security, productivity and insights. Once you understand how Office 365 can help you change the productivity of your business, then it’s time to speak to one of our Astec Productivity Experts to discover just how straightforward the process can be.

For a copy of the eBook http://www.asteccomputing.co.uk/office365/

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