Don’t Let the Name Mislead You!


Enterprise Mobility Suite is an incredibly useful package of identity, security and mobile device management tools for your mobility apps, which really do improve employee productivity. But despite the name, this is a product that works for businesses of all sizes. If you own a business of any size, then you will be familiar with your employees using their devices for both work and personal use. In fact 61% of employees mix personal and work tasks on their device. This means your sensitive business data is mobile. So, what if an employee’s smartphone is stolen. Hassle for them, but with EMS it ensures that it’s not the end of your business?


Delivered via the cloud, EMS works seamlessly with Microsoft software and third party apps across the data infrastructure you already use. Whether you’ve moved your systems to the cloud or an on-site server hybrid environment, your software can be deployed, used and managed across all your devices, providing a true productivity boost to your business.

With EMS, if a mobile device falls into the hands of someone it shouldn’t, you can reset a PIN or delete sensitive data remotely in a few clicks. With a single sign-on you simplify your employees’ password management eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords for many different logons. You can also attach encryption and rights management rules to business data to help prevent unauthorized access and use including printing and sharing emails and documents.

You can be confident that your sensitive business data is safe with your remote workers wherever they are, whatever the circumstances. And when an employee leaves the business you can remove all secure company information from their devices.

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