Newsletter – Dec 2010

Christmas wishes from Astec Computing
As the year draws to a close, we send our best wishes to all our customers. Please read our Christmas message for a round up of 2010 and our opening times for the festive period. Read more
Top 10 Christmas gadget countdown
We’re all gadget-lovers at heart, aren’t we? Or maybe that’s just us? Either way, this always seems the best time of year to indulge the grown-up child in your life with a high-tech toy. So here is some gimmicky inspiration for your gift shopping this Christmas. Google the product names to find out more. Read more
Tell your staff who owns the company address book
Differing perceptions of who owns corporate data may be to blame for business losses, a survey has shown. It seems that workers planning to take information with them when they leave their job, actually believe it is theirs to take. Do you need to remind your staff who owns the company address book? Read more
UK lags behind in take-up of VoIP
New research from Ofcom shows that despite the growth in Voice over IP products available on the market today, the UK is still lagging behind Europe in the adoption of this technology. However, in other areas of telecommunications we appear to be blazing a trail. Read more
UK ranks poorly for broadband value
We’re used to hearing experts criticise the UK telephone infrastructure and how it compares against those of our foreign counterparts. Well now it’s official. A global league table ranking broadband value across many nations has placed us in lowly a 24th place behind the likes of Romania, China and Russia. Read more
No business like snow business
At Astec, we’re equipped to deliver uninterrupted support despite the arctic conditions but with more colder weather on the way, what’s the forecast for your business operations? Read more

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