Create Apps That Work For You

Downloadable applications (Apps) have changed the way businesses operate and many of us use apps every day for work and leisure. Now you can build your own apps to drive productivity across your organisation.
The continued rise of the app has led to a shortage of skilled mobile developers and this situation will not change any time soon. However, Office 365 PowerApps is a new visual development tool anyone can use, and the apps you create will work within your organisation, across the web and on mobile platforms.

Microsoft Power Apps

Power To The People

You now have a way to create that innovative app, that will change the way your teams work, making them more productive and align business requirements with customer needs. What’s more, it doesn’t require code writing skills, and the system provides a wide selection of supported drag and drop functions.
When you create a PowerApp, you can start with a template, your own data, or a blank canvas. Data sources can be anything from APIs, lists from 365 Dynamics, Salesforce or SharePoint, documents on OneDrive or Google Drive, or data in an Azure-hosted SQL Server database. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can assemble simple applications.
The PowerApps development tool runs as a Windows application, but the full authoring tool also works in a browser running on any platform.You now have the capability to target your audience, or support your sales, technical and maintenance staff across a diverse landscape of desktop and mobile devices. To discuss PowerApps contact our business development team.

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