Colour Coding Productivity

The human mind is a glorious jigsaw, and piecing together the puzzle is fascinating. Look around your work space. Are all the walls the same innocuous colour?

We are now learning how our work spaces affect our productivity and colour contributes to our general state of wellbeing. It is also a useful tool in motivation and increasing productivity on an individual and group level. For example, certain colours have specific effects on our moods and we all know how colours change the atmosphere in a room.

In the work space, changing one colour may not have the desired effect, so you need to understand the work that is undertaken in the area to devise a colour scheme that helps. It is not necessarily or only the wall colour, lighting – think Philips’ Hue light bulbs, desks and furniture can also be used to create the most effective working environment for your team.

Colourful Office

Changing the Office Colour Can Boost Productivity

The Office Colour Basics:

Blue – cool and unphased – a colour which is universally accepted to help in the work space. It provides a stable and calming effect that helps workers focus on their tasks.
Many organisations are now using blue as the platform colour for their offices and then utilising other colours to accent certain areas or people’s work areas.

Green – peaceful – this colour is excellent for people who work long hours at the same desk or work area. The colour reduces eye fatigue ensuring that the person remains calm and efficient.

Yellow – a burst of sunshine – yellow is an optimistic colour often used in areas where creative personalities work. Using yellow to lift the environment and stimulate them can only help your organisation.

Red – Action – Where physical activity is involved, Red is the must have colour. The colour alone has been shown to increase the heart rate and blood flow. Must have something to do with the ‘fight or flight’ instinct.

There are many ways that you can simply affect your environment to improve the productivity of your team. Within Office365 there are options to modify the colour of the interface on individual desktops and mobile devices.

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