Expanding Our Service Support Team

To ensure we continue to up our game and deliver best of class, managed IT support, we are expanding our service team with a further addition; Greg Hooper. Greg has recently joined Astec as one of the Help Desk Team and will embark on one the most comprehensive IT development courses available – Microsoft’s Technical Associate Scheme a 14-month … [Read more...]

Astec Outstrips IT Support Industry Benchmarks

Delivering excellent customer service is a continuous process and we find that the harder our teams work at providing great support services, the more positively our customers respond. The latest UK-wide IT Service Support Benchmarks, compiled by Autotask, illustrate that Astec continues to outperform the industry average. Autotask is one of … [Read more...]

Tim Walker Joins Astec and strengthens Business Development

Tim Walker joins us from one of the South East’s largest independent systems houses, to spearhead Astec’s business development activities. Tim brings with him many years’ experience of building positive relationships with customers and helping build successful growth strategies for a variety of regional technology suppliers. He returns to … [Read more...]

New Reporting Portal in Office 365 admin centre.

Rolling out this month (April 2016) is a new reporting portal in Office 365, which will allow you to understand how your users are working with all aspects of Office applications. It provides admin level users the ability to monitor the service, identify issues, plan support and training and to create reports for management. Office 365 has been … [Read more...]

David Bowie: a true innovator and pioneer of the web

David Bowie was one of the most influential recording artists Britain has ever produced. He will be best remembered for his many hits, which include “Rebel, Rebel”, “Space Oddity” and “Life on Mars”, but the great man will also go down as a pioneer of web technology thanks to an innovative use of the internet throughout his career. In the days … [Read more...]

10-apps for a stress free Christmas

The Daily Telegraph has compiled a top 10 list of mobile phone apps that can make your Christmas period less stressful. So take a deep breath, sit back, reach for a mince pie and install the following to your mobile device. Gophr App available on iOS and Android, free A service that puts you in direct contact with one of its network of … [Read more...]

Fairy lights causing Wi-Fi slowdown

This Christmas season might not only bring snow and merriment, but also slower Wi-Fi speeds, though the reason may be a little surprising. Ofcom has found that fairy lights could impair Wi-Fi speeds, by slowing down signals as they travel through homes and offices. Fairy lights weren’t the only typical household object found to be guilty of … [Read more...]

New computer ‘guaranteed’ to not lose data

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have unveiled a computer that is “mathematically guaranteed” not to lose data in a crash. Whilst many media sources have been quick to proclaim the computer as being “unable to crash”, this isn’t strictly the case. Instead, it’s unlikely to crash, but in the case that it does, no … [Read more...]

Obama Orders World’s Fastest Computer

Who says it isn’t about boys toys? President Barack Obama has issued an executive order for US computer scientists to build the fastest computer in the world by 2025. However, the US will continue to face stiff competition from China, which currently leads the way. The National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) is “designed to advance core … [Read more...]

How to avoid your hardware overheating in soaring temperatures

July has certainly got off to a hot start and weather forecasters are predicting more soaring temperatures for the weeks ahead. So spare a thought for your computer systems, which are liable to overheat if certain basic precautions are not taken. Open doors or windows and increase ventilation using desk fans and mobile air conditioning units … [Read more...]