Bring Your Teams Together

The Microsoft Office 365 Groups feature moves team communications on to a new level by putting everything related to a project in one place. From Outlook, teams of users can connect, schedule meetings, share common calendars and files and take notes. Six tips and tricks for using 365 Groups. 1. Bring your team together around a topic or … [Read more...]

Easy Office 365 eBook

This new eBook is possibly the only guide you will ever need to all the amazing things you can now achieve using Office 365. For a thorough overview of the latest apps and productivity solutions your organisation needs, to tips and short-cuts to help you every day, this single slim volume has the answers.There’s more to Office 356 than meets the … [Read more...]

Deduped, A Little Magic To Clean Up Your Act

Excel is probably SMEs most used database and contacts manager system, and one of the tasks that is often performed is comparing lists and finding duplicate records. With increasingly stringent controls on data held by organisations undertaking this essential and highly efficient task will ensure you are confident in your data lists and eliminate … [Read more...]

Marginal Gains Create Champions

We’ve seen it on the track and on the water, marginal gains have been a big concept in sport for a decade. Migrating that to your work space will save you time and helps you navigate your applications more effectively. Here we offer 15 short-cut key sets that save seconds and give you back time in your working day. Alt+F4 = Quit Program CTRL+C = … [Read more...]

How to narrow your search in Outlook

Some users prefer to store thousands of emails in their inboxes whilst others ruthlessly delete messages that have been dealt with or forwarded to colleagues. But whether you’re a hoarder or a spring cleaner, all of us struggle to find the email we’re looking for sometimes. Outlook offers a search bar, which you may have already tried, but did … [Read more...]

Hints and Tips: Save time in Outlook with Quick Parts

Users of Outlook frequently find themselves using the same standard text in a range of situations, such as drafting sales proposals, following up on client meetings and chasing in payments. But did you know you can avoid typing out these same paragraphs time after time with the Quick Parts feature, which allows snippets of both text and images to … [Read more...]

Making your life Easier on a Windows 7 PC

Most of us use a computer every day for various tasks, whether it be for work, social, gaming or grocery needs. You can do a lot of things on a computer now days. But not everyone knows how to make tasks slightly easier for themselves, especially in the user friendly Windows 7. What are the most common programs we use on a computer? I’m guessing … [Read more...]