Where Is Your Data Safe?

We are often asked the question, ‘Is my data safe in the cloud’? Well unless your data is on a device that has no communications interface and the device itself cannot be stolen, then the cloud is safer than any security measures you can support locally, with certain provisos. As a Microsoft Partner, we have worked together for 25 years and have … [Read more...]

Your Time Is Up! CryptoLocker Ransomware

These are not your friendly neighbourhood hackers! To these thieves, this is a business. An increasing number of UK organisations are being targeted and money extorted from them. The model uses social engineering techniques to trick users into running a Zip folder or file, which then contaminates the system and any other system attached to the … [Read more...]

Ransomware a growing data threat

A Canadian university has paid hackers to restore access to data they had turned into the digital equivalent of gibberish. The University of Calgary transferred 20,000 Canadian dollars-worth of bitcoins ($15,780; £10,840) after it was unable to unwind damage caused by a type of attack known as ransomware. The malware caused emails and … [Read more...]

New Reporting Portal in Office 365 admin centre.

Rolling out this month (April 2016) is a new reporting portal in Office 365, which will allow you to understand how your users are working with all aspects of Office applications. It provides admin level users the ability to monitor the service, identify issues, plan support and training and to create reports for management. Office 365 has been … [Read more...]

Lincolnshire council cyber-breach should be a lesson

We hear all the time of major firms being attacked by cyber-criminals. Sometimes it is a case of digital thieves taking valuable data to sell on, while others sabotage sites for financial or moral gain. It’s a little rarer to find stories of smaller organisations falling victim, but these attempts do happen - just ask the people of … [Read more...]

Stay safe online – reduce your reliance on passwords today

It’s quite hard to believe, but a recent study found the average UK consumer to have a whopping 118 different accounts registered online. That includes social media profiles as well as accounts with e-retailers, gaming services, email providers and even banks. For each one of these accounts, you probably have a username and a password; both of … [Read more...]

Microsoft to tell email users if they’re victims of government hacks

Microsoft will tell users of its email services when it believes them to have been the victim of a hack by national governments. The tech giant, which owns and operates the Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) service, has revealed it’s to disclose suspected hacks to users, even if the guilty party is the government. It comes after pressure was put on … [Read more...]

TalkTalk communication fiasco

How would your business react to a cyber attack? October 2015 saw one of the most high-profile corporate cyber-attacks ever, although this incident may be remembered as much for the ineptitude of the public relations that followed as for the breach itself. Indeed several weeks after TalkTalk suffered one of the most significant hacks in … [Read more...]

Cyber-criminals target big businesses with ‘whale’ scam

Most people are already wary of phishing, but businesses now find themselves having to defend against a new type of cyber-threat: ‘whaling’. This scam tactic sees the criminal pretending to be a company boss and sending a spoof message to the finance department, asking for a payment to a supplier to be rushed through while claiming the chief … [Read more...]

Selfies to replace passwords in 2016

Forecasters have long been predicting the demise of the humble password but now a new contender has emerged as a potential successor – the selfie. MasterCard has been looking at ways of making online payments quicker and more secure, whilst also trying to do away with the effort of remembering old passwords. It settled on biometric … [Read more...]