A Cunning Plan For Successful Group Working

Are you running a team, or involved with planning for single or multiple teams and projects? If the answer to that is yes, or if you are juggling multiple activities and need an easy to use tool to provide an overview of the status of all of those tasks, then Microsoft Office 365 Planner is an application that you should take a look at. Planner is … [Read more...]

Can Windows 10’s New Browser give Microsoft the Edge in Web Search?

Amid some controversy, Microsoft is to include its latest browser ‘Edge’ within the Windows 10 package, and at least one leading browser company has announced its frustration at this decision. However, in an environment where around 64% of the internet search market is controlled by a single dominant company, isn’t it about time a competitive … [Read more...]

Security improvements lead the way in iOS 9

Our appetite for IT innovation is seemingly insatiable and this is particularly true of smart phone technology. Just days after the rollout of iOS 8.4 at the end of June 2015, attention turned to the new features and specifications of Apple’s next big release: iOS 9. Expected to be unveiled later this year (to coincide with the new iPhones, … [Read more...]

Microsoft unveils edgy new browser

Internet Explorer has become something of a joke in tech circles over the past few years with a wide variety of commentators lambasting its sluggishness and unreliability. Once the world’s most popular browser (perhaps by default), it has been overtaken by Google Chrome and is hotly pursued by Mozilla’s Firefox in the usage tables, forcing … [Read more...]

New Surface 3 the thinnest and lightest yet

The recently announced Surface 3 from Microsoft will be the thinnest and lightest iteration yet, the manufacturer has said. Similar to the Surface Pro 3, the new model is crafted from the very same premium materials and offers a similar look. The only real difference is its size – the Surface 3 being not only more efficient but also more … [Read more...]