Microsoft Announces UK Specific Data Centres

Stay Creative, Productive and Data Safe in the UK Operating your IT solution from a cloud infrastructure has just become more British. Microsoft Cloud now operates Azure and Office 365 from UK located data centres, allowing organisations with UK specific compliance and policy requirements to retain their data in the UK. With a cloud adoption … [Read more...]

Where Is Your Data Safe?

We are often asked the question, ‘Is my data safe in the cloud’? Well unless your data is on a device that has no communications interface and the device itself cannot be stolen, then the cloud is safer than any security measures you can support locally, with certain provisos. As a Microsoft Partner, we have worked together for 25 years and have … [Read more...]

Azure and SME – Growing Business Everywhere

Is it a colour, or a stretch of pure sandy beach? Fortunately, it’s neither. Microsoft’s Azure has been created to provide a simple to use, highly scalable SME technology services platform. Over the past couple of years Office 365 has demonstrated that small and medium businesses have become more innovative with their IT. SMEs understand that … [Read more...]

Microsoft promises to use cloud power for good

With all the stories of tax-dodging and data breaches, it’s rare to hear anything positive about the world’s biggest companies in the media these days. Microsoft appears to be doing its best to restore the balance, however. The Redmond firm recently announced plans to put its epic cloud computing power to worthy use, and promised to deliver a … [Read more...]

Top 5 Myths about Office 365 Dispelled

Most companies would like to benefit from the business agility and cost savings that result from a move to the cloud. But with the bewildering amount of contradictory information floating around on the Internet, there is always room for confusion. Take Microsoft Office 365, for example. Many businesses are looking to embrace this software … [Read more...]

Cyber criminals increasingly targeting cloud services

More people than ever are now storing documents in the cloud, so cyber criminals are now targeting these services to nab people’s credentials, according to security specialists Proofpoint. The most common email-related threat Proofpoint detects are phishing scams to steal information from Google Apps, which are particularly vulnerable to this … [Read more...]