Azure and SME – Growing Business Everywhere

Is it a colour, or a stretch of pure sandy beach? Fortunately, it’s neither. Microsoft’s Azure has been created to provide a simple to use, highly scalable SME technology services platform.

Over the past couple of years Office 365 has demonstrated that small and medium businesses have become more innovative with their IT. SMEs understand that evolving their IT into performance orientated technology platforms, can help drive the growth of their business. To help this migration, Microsoft has developed a set of business-building capabilities in its customers’ cloud offering. This consists of Office 365 Cloud and Azure Cloud Services.

For those already using Office 365, you also may have read about Azure. A simple explanation is to think of Office 365 as the provision of all your desktop needs in the cloud. This allows your company access to Microsoft Office applications and full Outlook email features across buildings and mobile devices anywhere you need to work.

Azure Helping Your Business Grow

Azure Helping Your Business Grow

Taking that principle up a step, think of Azure as offering all your server, web and database activities to your employees wherever they are, and provided on the latest hardware to ensure your business operates at its peak performance. Many SMEs have realised that moving to Azure Cloud Services removes the need for expensive hardware installs in their offices, and offers unlimited capacity and storage, together with industry standard security features and a dynamic capacity to quickly grow as you do.

Phil Astell, managing director at Astec commented, “All businesses should use IT to enable greater efficiency and flexibility from their IT investment. SMEs can become more agile and performance orientated if they consider the benefits that Azure offers”.

Astec can offer a thorough analysis of your business’ Cloud requirements, from on-demand service, storage, bandwidth, to compute time and up time requirements. Whether your business is taking its first steps with the Cloud, or has gain recent experience and wants to increase the benefit that Cloud Services offer, either way, Astec can help.

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