Astec Outstrips IT Support Industry Benchmarks

Delivering excellent customer service is a continuous process and we find that the harder our teams work at providing great support services, the more positively our customers respond.

The latest UK-wide IT Service Support Benchmarks, compiled by Autotask, illustrate that Astec continues to outperform the industry average. Autotask is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of process driven client management and support systems and it is used by thousands of IT companies’ customers across the UK.

The surveys which are automatically sent to customers immediately after a service contact, provide a range of rating categories including timeliness of response, problem resolution, representative’s ability, representative’s professionalism and overall satisfaction.

In nine out of ten categories Astec’s results are above industry average, with our team’s professionalism receiving a 98.2 percent approval rating. We are constantly monitoring our performance and this survey is an important element to ensure we provide the highest level of customer service.

Our customer contact management system allows us to provide a highly responsive service based on telephone, email and server to server links and guarantees that we are achieving best practice results for customers.

Shining Bright

Shining Bright

Stephen Angeloni, technical director, stated, “We review all aspects of our service support on an on-going basis and information from the Autotask benchmarks provides useful feedback to where we can improve. We are continuslly assessing our processes so that we can provide even higher levels of support to our customers.”

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