Apathy in the UK – Newsletter August 2011

Lazy days of summer
Apathy in the UK

During these lazy days of summer, is it pure idleness that prevents so many of us using recommended complex password policies or is it simply the human condition?

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ISPs vow to take Ofcom’s code of practice

A number of ISPs have agreed to adhere to Ofcom’s latest code of practice, meaning that broadband speeds will be advertised more honestly with more realistic “up to” speeds. Until now customers have been left disheartened by promises of possible broadband speeds their connection never actually reaches. Read more

Internet Explorer hoax revealed

Internet Explorer users were left feeling rather disgruntled and dumbfounded after a report from AptiQuant suggested they were less intelligent than PC users opting for other web browsers. Now the “company” has admitted the report was all a scam for a bit of light-hearted relief. Read more

Android storming ahead

Android’s success since coming onto the market looks like it is going to continue as recent figures show the Google operating system is still ahead of its arch-rival, the iPhone, in 35 countries. With other smartphone brands hot on its heels, how long will their winning streak last? Read more

Are we too lazy to be trusted with passwords?

Despite news being released nearly every day of yet another hacking scandal, many still fail to accept the need to adopt complex passwords. Perhaps, as one security firm claims, we are just too ‘lazy’ to be trusted with passwords and the answer lies in alternative technology. Read more

Hacked? Limit the damage

If you find yourself a victim of a data breach, acting quickly can limit the damage you may suffer. Our tips will help you prevent things getting any worse. Read more

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