A Big Leap For Our Apprentices

We are great believers in giving people opportunities at Astec, and over the years we have nurtured a number of highly skilled and accomplished apprentices into our technical teams.
As a Microsoft Partner, Astec supports our teams in developing their skills and capabilities to understand and implement the latest technology products and services, helping our customers succeed in their businesses. This month we take immense pleasure and pride in acknowledging that our two technical support apprentices, Jake Taylor and Louie Sellens have completed their apprenticeships and will now join us as qualified full time technical support. Their Astec journey began 12-months ago, and both agree that it has involved a many late nights as well as in-house and external training and assessment sessions to achieve the level of expertise demanded by Microsoft. They dedicated a great deal of time to gaining knowledge and practical experience and we all congratulate them on their achievement.
Jake Taylor commented, “The team at Astec has supported Louie and I right through our apprenticeship providing guidance and expertise, and motivating us to achieve the results we have. Gaining this qualification is a personal achievement, and demonstrates that we offer high levels of expertise to our clients.”

Apprentices Done Good

Apprentices Done Good

Louie Sellens said, “Technology offers such as wide scope of opportunities, with new technologies opening new possibilities to customers almost every day. At Astec, a key understanding that I have learnt is that technology can support customers to improve their businesses.”
A recent technology market report stated that the UK needs around 500,000 new IT professional to keep our place in the world. We are opening the door for at least one aspiring young woman or man to apply for an apprenticeship with Astec. With structured course work and on the job based training this is an opportunity to gain access to one of the fastest growing business sectors, with a globally recognised Micorsoft qualification.
For more information and an application form contact Astec on 01424 460721

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