3M Touch Systems invites Astec to InfoComm 2015

InfoComm2015 is the largest audio-visual exhibition in the US, with the latest in hi-tech wizardry on show for the tens of thousands of visitors to marvel at. We have once again been invited to share the 3M stand to demonstrate our interactive retail solution which utilises 3M Touch Systems’ latest screen technology.  Our solution integrates interactive table and wall screens with the latest Near Field Communications (NFC) application to create an immersive retail experience for customers.

We created a Boutique Wine Store for 3M’s stand and with the NFC integration to the Astec SenseTable, we have delivered a true multi-user experience that is fun and engaging and most importantly adds value to real world retail technology applications.sense-2

Phil Astell, managing director of Astec explains, “The wine store scenario demonstrates how we can now involve actual ‘off the shelf’ products in the interactive environment. Customers can then manipulate images, maps, videos and PDF’s detailing ingredients, tasting notes, history, and geography of the vineyard. At InfoComm, the demonstration is rounded off with a refreshing glass of wine.”

Recently, our technology has popped up in a number of estate agents across the UK, as the application offers immense potential in terms of reinventing that retail environment. Large interactive screens are used to open street views, property details and off the web information, such as maps, schools, shops etc., for customers. So before visiting a property they know far more about the house, street and area. This process ensures that viewings are far more targeted, connecting the right buyer to the property faster. We also have installations that integrate window film screens that allow projection of video or still images on to shop fronts, creating real street impact.

The ‘Sense’ technology which includes SenseTable, the highly flexible PresiSense application software, projectors and window screens and can be targeted to any infotainment environment. Other current installations include Retail, Education, Architecture, Events, Creative Agencies, Local Government, and Transport hubs.  If you sell to an audience where engagement and movement can benefit the process, contact us for a personal demonstration.

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